Student Lounge and Classrooms - Third Floor

  • The third floor is comprised of student lounge space and classrooms.
  • There are two designated lounges: one overlooking the Providence River and the other overlooking Turbine Hall.
  • Both areas have ample seating and are near vending machines (cold beverages and snacks)

Scale-up classrooms

  • A unique classroom format is also included, which is referred to as scale-up classrooms. These two rooms are designed for active learning/ group project work.
  • Individual workstations are designed for up to 6 individuals and center around a table with a large monitor to project their digital work.
  • There is a total of 10 workstations (capacity of 60) in each scale-up classroom.
  • In addition, there is a larger monitor at the front of the room that can either display the work of an individual workstation or serve as a presentation screen.

Seminar Rooms

  • Outside of the traditional classrooms, we have seven 20-person seminar rooms.
  • These seminar rooms are set-up for discussion-based classes and meetings.
  • These rooms have a large conference table and seating for up to 20 individuals.
  • All IT and AV is consistent with the large classrooms and two white boards are installed in each room.